2012 Viognier: The Mango Alliance

By: Taylor Ziolkowski

Twisted Twig Winery’s 2012 Viognier speaks volumes through its complex mouthfeel and non-traditional vinification technique. This sophisticated white begs a classification all its own, simultaneously evoking flavors that are bright yet elegant, and crisp yet flamboyant. The unique character of this wine stems from the winemakers bold and contemporary approach. This 2012 Viognier carries with it flavors of peach and apricot on the front, quickly changing to late harvest mango, pineapple and tangerine on the long, captivating finish. The complexity of this white will only improve with time, as the winemaker aimed to preserve its tartaric acidity to ensure the process of bottle aging. The Twisted Twig 2012 Viognier pairs perfectly with a mango infused kale salad that offers flavor complements above and beyond the satisfaction of your palate. The refined tannins and earthy complexion on the front of this wine offer a wonderful match for the natural flavors of tossed kale greens. The perfect balance of acidity and sweetness allow this full bodied wine to encapsulate your senses as the juices of the chopped mango blend with the flavors of a long, tropical finish.

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