Brilliant Marriage with 2008 Legend™ Zinfandel

By: Taylor Ziolkowski

Twisted Twig’s 2008 Zinfandel pairs brilliantly with authentic BBQ Polish Kielbasa; boasting flavors of lightly roasted lean pork and rich spice blends. A delectable glazing sauce marries perfectly with this medium bodied red, as hints of honey complement the candied char of the sausage. The roots of the Polish sausage date back to the monasteries of the Middle Ages, fit to pair with the wine of a grape as authentic and primitive as Zinfandel. Twisted Twig’s 2008 Zinfandel stems from old-vine grafts, giving it a dry, rustic flavor and a black pepper finish that elegantly accompanies the spice of this dish. Aged 24 months in American Oak, this medium bodied Zin exudes bravado in every category. Smoke and spice infuse the BBQ Kielbasa characterizing a classically prepared dish, befitting marriage with the refined oak flavors of this 2008 Zin.

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