The Story of Twisted Twig Winery

About Us

Twisted Twig® Winery is a boutique winery nestled in the Sierra Foothills between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, specializing in Ultra-Premium handcrafted California red wines. We use a collaborative wine making approach, whereby throughout the entire wine making process we have a team of winemakers and consultants that taste our wines and give their input. Only after, sometimes hours of debate, testing and collaboration, do we finally agree upon the best approach to maximize the potential for that vintage and harvest.

This process allows us to provide excellent drinkable wines year after year that the team agrees as being the finest wine we can produce. Our wine-making techniques range from a blend of the classic French wine farm tradition, American techniques and historical lessons. Twisted Twig® Winery has become recognized as one of the most consistent Ultra-Premium California Sierra Foothill wineries producing high quality very desirable sought after wines year after year.

Handcrafted Micro Winery

What is a micro winery? A winery that makes only a few hundred case of wine per year and typically only a couple of hundred cases of one single wine.

Focused on the production of California red wine

For 20 years we have focused on vinification of small amounts of grapes (Vitis vinifera) while refining the process of grape varietal selection, vineyard selection, timing of the harvest, yeast selection to produce the perfect California Red Wine. We are constantly  testing combinations of French, American and Hungarian Oak and determining the appropriate aging process in the barrels as well as in the bottle prior to public release.  We choose Syrah, Cabernet & Zinfandel as our flagship California red wines for production based on their popularity, drink-ability, and the rich complex flavors that produce wines that can be enjoyed on their own or enhance the experience when paired with food.

What makes Twisted Twig Winery California Red Wines Different?

We select grapes from a single vineyard. We ferment to dryness. We do not add water to cut the alcohol. We pick at the peak of ripeness. We pick small blocks. We hand select the yeast. We cold soak for days prior to fermentation.  We ferment on the skins for at least 14 days. 

Winery Named by a 13-year old boy

In 2000 we were returning from a snow skiing trip to Kirkwood Ski Resort, I asked my 13-year-old son Blake if he could help me name the winery.  After a period, he presented me with a list of names. Names that were very traditional conventional winery names and nomenclature at the time. Combinations of minerals and trees or family names.  I suggested to him that I wanted to teach him about marketing, and I asked him to think of a name that is unique, outside-of-the-box, that emotionally connects to the product. I was searching for a name that explained the product, communicated value of our California red wine and was unforgettable and when the consumer heard it, grabbed it and visualized. 

After awhile Blake poked his head over the seat and said “Dad I think I have got it!”…  “Twisted Twig.” I asked him to repeat it and he stated…”Twisted Twig Winery”. It was perfect!  He is a genius. I could immediately see the entire marketing campaign rolling out in front of my eyes.  Twisted Twig Winery was named by my son “a genius 13-year-old boy.”

The Underground Tasting Room Markets Twisted Twig Winery California red wine

We opened The Underground Tasting Room in Old Sacramento to market Twisted Twig Winery wine. For the last 8 years my wife Yvette has been pouring and marketing our wine directly to the consumer thru The Underground Tasting Room in Old Sacramento, CA which we started in 2011.  Since the covid-19 virus hit we have had to close the tasting room and now have began to ramp up our website direct to consumer sales and our wine club.

Our wines can currently only be purchased on-line, at private wine tasting events or in The Underground Tasting Room.